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CLGE adpots a new measurement code for buildings

GA Hotel in Tallinn

TALLINN, 17 September 2011

During the Tallinn GA held on 16 – 17 September 2011, the Council of European Geodetic Surveyors has unanimously adopted the CLGE Measurement Code of Floor Areas in Buildings. This document should be used by the 50.000 members of CLGE and all interested parties.

It is a platform for future discussions with other bodies, especially the European Commission.

Now CLGE will create a new Task Force to build on these fundaments and work out solutions in the field of evaluation, volume and 3D measurements.

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Useless to say that the Executive Board is very happy with this result. It thanks all the participants for the very interesting and fruitful discussions.

Jean-Yves Pirlot, President




We are pleasure to thank all the delegates, who had the opportunity to participate in CLGE General  
Assembly in Tallinn. 
Where was very busy days and we hope that our meeting was successful.


Best regards, 

Organizing team:

Mr Mairolt Kakko
Team leader, CLGE delegate 


Mr Hugo Toll
EGÜ President

Mrs Marju Toova
EGÜ secretary

Mrs Kristi Käär
Team member, member of the EGÜ Board

Mr Mart Pärtna
Team member

Mr Jüri Pärtna
Team member


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