CLGE Students’ Contest

The CLGE Students’ Contest 2018 – 2019

In cooperation with the GSA (the European GNSS Agency) CLGE has launched the
eight edition of the CLGE European Students’ Contest for the current academic year
i.e. 2018 – 2019.

If you’re a student or young surveyor we engage you to take part!
If you’re a professional or a teacher: Please spread the word and motivate
youngsters to take part in the contest.
The prizes are €1000,- per winner or winning team and the participation in the
Stuttgart INTERGEO. But the most interesting aspect of the contest is to take part
in a European event and maybe to get a prize
(Changes with regard to previous editions are underlined, hyperlinks were checked but you never
know some links might be broken after a while)



This year the deadline for the papers taking part in the CLGE Students’ Contest 2017 – 2018 is fixed on 29  July 2019 at 23.00 CET.

You can find the details about the contest below.

Please notice that the participants, if selected, agree to present their work at INTERGEO in Stuttgart, on 18 September 2019, in the afternoon, timing to be confirmed.

The travel expenses and on hotel night are offerd by CLGE as part of the Awards.

Documents for this event