Koolitus 07.06.2024 Tallinna Tehnikakõrgkool

Advanced Training Course on Geodetic Network Design for Railway Infrastructure Construction

This course covers geodetic network design, base point establishment, GNSS surveying, reference network densification, and data processing algorithms.

Toimumise aeg: 07.06.2024, Tallinna Tehnikakõrgkool.

This course is dedicated to training professional geodetic engineers and experts who deal with geodetic network design, construction of networks in the field, network surveys, adjustment and creating reports.


  • concept of geodetic networks: exploring the fundamental principles and purposes of geodetic networks in surveying;
  • understanding the geoid concept and its significance in geodetic network design;
  • coordinate systems and scale factors: discussing the role of coordinate systems and scale factors in geodetic measurements;
  • overview of GNSS technology: providing an overview of GNSS technology, including its capabilities, limitations, and applications in terrestrial surveying;
  • differentiating between free adjustment and absolute adjustment methods: explaining the differences between free and absolute adjustment methods used in geodetic surveying.

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