Koolitus 12.12.2023

Advanced Training Course on Geodetic Network Design for Railway Infrastructure Construction

Aeg: 12.12.2023 kell 10:00-13:15
Koht: Tallinna Tehnikakõrgkool, Pärnu mnt 62, Tallinn 10135, ruum B311

Hind: 130€

Lektor: Amin Alizadeh-Khameneh, PhD in Geodesy, Project Consultant at WSP Sverge

The course is based on practical examples from Sweden. It covers topics related
to the design of geodetic networks, GNSS surveying, densification of reference networks,
and the validation of results. This course is intended to provide training to professional
geodetic engineers and experts who deal with geodetic network design, the construction of networks in the field, network surveys, and the adjustment and creation of reports.

Koolituse sihtgrupid: students, land surveyors, civil engineer in road engineering, civil
engineer in buildings and structures.

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